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Compact and lightweight, yet versatile! The V-Rings™ have a variety of holds, covering most of the grips you need to train your fingers and upper body strength. The rings are perfect to use for warm-up on the crag or for sling training. Also, consider purchasing our Progressor to track your training progress. The price is for one pair of V-rings and includes a drawstring storage bag. The pocket depth is 19mm and 12mm, and the pinching pocket is 7mm. Portable: With the functionality of a hang-board and the size of a gym ring, V-Rings weighs only 290 grams (10 oz) for a pair. Use them as a warm-up tool on the crag, or bring them when travelling. Versatile: V Rings are designed with a variety of grip choices allowing you to train almost any grip position you would use when climbing on real rock. Natural: Every pair of V Rings is made out of high-quality plywood and which gives a unique natural wood look. The wood will even absorb moisture from the hands while exercising eliminating the use of climbing chalk. Stable: The grips are designed to be self stabilizing. This means the more load you apply, the more stable it gets.



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