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Introducing the groundbreaking Progressor 200! Representing the next stage in the evolution of our cherished Progressor 150, it now comes encased in a sleek, lightweight, and durable ABS enclosure, featuring an advanced USB-C rechargeable battery.

This dynamometer seamlessly connects to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, providing precise force readings for evaluating the muscular strength across various muscle groups in the human body. The product is used by climbers to measure finger strength and by physiotherapists for rehabilitation exercises and isometric testing.

Compatible with both iOS and Android, our complimentary app elevates your user experience. For those seeking customization, leverage our open API, facilitating seamless communication with the Progressor through Python or your preferred programming language.

Technical specifications:

Sampling Frequency: 80Hz

Design Load: 2000 N (200 kg) (Full Scale)

Safe Overload: 120% Full Scale

Limit Overload: 150% Full Scale

Precision: 0.1% Full Scale

Non-linearity: 0.1% Full Scale

Repeatability: 0.1% Full Scale

Hysteresis: 0.1% Full Scale

Revolutionize your approach to muscular strength assessment – acquire your Progressor 200 today!



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