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Smartie Board, an asymmetric climbing training board. With dimensions measuring 54cm x 3.5cm x 4.5cm (height), this board features a unique design for enhanced performance.

The top edge of the Smartie Board is positively angled, providing a comfortable grip for warm-ups and pull-ups. It also offers two different asymmetric edges to cater to your training needs:

A 30mm edge with a rounded border, perfect for warm-ups and beginners. This edge is designed to ease you into your training sessions and help you build strength gradually.

A more aggressive 20mm edge with an advanced profile, ideal for challenging deadhangs and experienced climbers. 

The Smartie Board is fully compatible with our range of additional plugins (sold separately), allowing you to customize the depth and difficulty of your workouts. Simply add the compatible plugins you need to create a tailored training experience that suits your preferences and goals.

Elevate your exercises, conquer new challenges, and unlock your full potential with the Smartie Board. 



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