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Adam Ondra BOOSTERS CRIMPS, positive version. From slightly positive crimps to really incuts.

Welcome to the comfortable yet efficient way of crimping, a way of making your fingers stronger! BOOSTERS EASY are comfortable crimps, ranging from slightly incut to very incut holds. The radius of each edge is designed to be the perfect one for it.

Every hold is designed in a way that you might let it go because you might not have the power, but not because it would be painful. 

The holds feature dual-texture surfaces in a unique and easily distinguished design that avoids using the thumb as a pinch. The dual-texture also helps to clearly recognize the color of the hold even if it is fully chalked, and the slippery surface can be used as a tricky foothold or a handhold if it is on the top of the volumes.

Easy tool for routesetters to tune the difficulty – there is always a slightly better or slightly worse hold available for maximum accuracy when adjusting the difficulty. 

It is a safer way to work on your finger strength while making your fingers stronger, even for the tiniest incut crimps. We also count with Adam Ondra BOOSTERS CRIMPS hard version for more experienced climbers. 

If you want to try as hard as you can, making all the effort with your fingers against the hold, yet not suffer too much by bruising your skin with a sharp edge, then, Boosters are the solution!




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