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Introducing the easy version of the AO WOODEN BLADES – a set of 6 substantial solid beech wooden holds, presenting three distinct grips in a fully symmetrical right-left design, meticulously crafted by Adam Ondra.

Adam envisioned a series of holds that, while initially appearing identical, offered notably different grips. This innovative design facilitates easy adjustments to problem difficulty and enables the creation of diverse challenges on various inclines. The element of surprise is introduced for climbers as they cannot be certain of the grip of the next hold until they reach it. Constructed from solid wood, adorned with the Czech climber’s signature laser mark, and featuring a highly durable fine-grain sandblasted texture, the AO WOODEN BLADES are not just collector’s items but also ideal holds for setting routes or boulder problems in commercial gyms.

The Blades are set to be a highlight in every gym! Perfect for crafting the most contemporary boulder problems, these holds seamlessly combine juggy and slopey features. Blades also integrate seamlessly with the top of Stacks volumes. Even traditionalists clinging to their dusty spray walls will find excitement in climbing on these unique holds. Wood, being a special and tactile material, is showcased in its best form through the uniqueness and beauty of the Blades.

Wooden Blades – a must-have for every gym or living room!



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