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This is the easy version on the left side of the AO WOODEN BLADES, featuring six large, solid beech wooden holds with three different grips and a completely symmetrical right-left design, conceived by Adam Ondra.

The idea that Adam Ondra had in mind was a series of holds that, at first glance, appeared identical but offered significantly different grips, allowing for easy adjustment of problem difficulty and the creation of diverse challenges on various inclinations. This feature also introduces an element of surprise for climbers, as they cannot be certain of the grip of the next hold until they reach it. Crafted from solid wood, with the Czech climber’s signature laser-marked on the surface, and boasting a highly durable fine-grain sandblasted texture, AO WOODEN BLADES serve not only as collector’s items but also as perfect holds for setting routes or boulder problems in commercial gyms.

Blades will be a highlight of every gym! The most new-school modern boulder problems can be set using these, combining the juggy and more slopey features. Blades also fit perfectly on the top of Stacks volumes. Yet, also the static old-schoolers with their dusty spraywall must be excited to climb on these. Wood is a special material that is very pleasant to touch. Blades are showcasing the uniqueness and beauty of wood in the best way.

Wooden Blades for every gym or living room!



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