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The AO PLYWOOD STACKS DUALTEX COMPLETE SET  is a collection of 5 plywood volumes designed by Adam Ondra. This set possesses unique features that render it indispensable in any setter’s arsenal.

Semi-automatic stacking system: This innovative feature enables the stacking of volumes over the STACK BASE DUALTEX in various configurations. It facilitates the creation of diverse angles and flat surfaces for attaching other holds, expanding the range of setting possibilities. The semi-automatic stacking system prevents base breakage from continuous drilling, ensuring both durability and a secure fit.

SPRAY WALL setup or COMMERCIAL SETTING: The versatility of these volumes is highlighted by their dual usage.

  • They can serve as a base for a Japanese panel or SPRAY WALL, distributed symmetrically.
  • Alternatively, they function as a modular, stackable system, offering a modern, creative, and user-friendly approach to routesetting thanks to the semi-automatic system.

The complete set of Adam Ondra’s PLYWOOD STACKS DUALTEX stands out not only for its design but also for its adaptability, making it an essential element for any climbing gym.

Stacks consist of 1 big and 4 smaller volumes that offer almost infinite variability!  No more screwing and destroying volumes in case you want to stack them. We found a better and more sustainable solution! Stacks are flat volumes that will be very useful in slabs for creating moves requiring a lot of balance, as well as creating a 3D environment in any kind of angle. They can work as stacked volumes, but they also work as singular volumes. These volumes can upgrade any kind of climbing wall, including a spraywall. Stacks volumes are a must for every climbing gym!

Stack up your creativity!



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