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STACK BASE stands out as the largest volume among the plywood volumes designed by Adam Ondra. True to its name, it serves as the foundational piece in the STACKS by AO set, providing the base for the attachment of the other volumes in the collection. Adam Ondra has designed this volume set, ensuring versatility through a unique stacking system that utilizes specific inserts. This system allows you to effortlessly create five different compositions repeatedly without causing any damage to the structure.

What sets STACK BASE apart is its adaptability, offering the flexibility to construct various configurations. Additionally, one of the numerous setups within the set enables you to establish a symmetrical structure, forming the base for your SPRAY WALL.

With its substantial dimensions and low profile (90x72x13.5cm), STACK BASE accommodates the fixation of sizable holds or additional volumes without protruding excessively from the wall. This feature allows for the manipulation of climbing angles, providing a three-dimensional climbing experience with endless setting possibilities.

Stack up your creativity!



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